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You're thrilled with your new website and are adding blog posts and new content just like we told you - but there's one important thing missing - WEBSITE MAINTENANCE.

If you're not updating your WordPress AND plugin versions you're setting yourself up for trouble.


Last year PCWorld announced 50,000 WordPress sites were hacked via a popular WordPress plugin.

Once the vulnerability was discovered, the plugin was updated and the attack was blocked. BUT, 70% of WordPress sites are using outdated versions of the core software and plugins.

This means that 52,256,977 websites were still vulnerable to being hacked!

A hacked website means lost business, lost customers and lost trust within your community.

In December 2014 the security team at Sucuri discovered that over 100,000 WordPress websites were compromised due to a vulnerability found in a popular image slider plugin.

Over 11,000 of these websites were BLACKLISTED by GOOGLE

Removing malware from your website is both time consuming and expensive.

Even once you've cleaned your website, Google will not remove the blacklist status automatically. You must request a review. This can take up to 24 hours or more. During this time your clients will continue to see a security warning.

There are some simple steps you can take to increase the security of your website..

Don't use admin as your username
Use secure and complex passwords
Update WordPress Core as new stable versions are released
Update Plugins as soon as new stable versions are released
Update Themes when new stable versions are released
Install a security scanning/monitoring plugin
Implement a backup system and backup your website EVERY DAY

Is your site one of the 52,256,977 vulnerable websites?

On August 4th, 2015 WordPress released a security update

Did you update your website?

On August 18th WordPress is planning to release version 4.3

Will you remember to update your website?

Let us help..

We know you're busy running your business, so chances are your website will be one of the 52,256,977 vulnerable sites. Don't take that chance. ZWD now offers a monthly website maintenance service and can help keep your website maintained and secure.

And it's FREE..

We're offering a one month trial of our Website Maintenance service for FREE. No obligation and no credit card needed to sign-up. If you'd like to continue with our service we'll invoice you for $25 each month (or $20 per month if 12 months prepaid in advance).

*There is a $55 annual charge with the monthly and annual program for the daily backup plugin.

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